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By modern art and we are here to talk about art, were to buy it, then what's hot in art. This is a place for artists to show their work at a place for us to link to artist sites and efforts. Welcome to modern art buy. We hope you enjoy the art, our posts and opinions. Modern art is about the movements of the past and where were going. Art seems to have lost its direction and the respect of the average person.
It used to be about skill, and still is somewhat, but the word expression comes to mind. A modern word reminiscent of the abstract Expressionist movement. What is the modern expression? Is it a blank canvas? It is sometime shapes in a room which causes shadows on a wall, sometimes pile of sand can be art, or a shovel, or nail in the string. Art is what the artist calls art. If a shovel becomes art, it is no longer a shovel for to use it, would certainly scratch the art.
Modern art is what the artist says it is, but it is a gallery owner who says to put it up. It is the art establishment that says it is art, as much as the artist. When buying modern art buy what you like. If you are lucky, and have taste, the art will increase in value. Is the meaning of art its value? Another question.
Modern art is a question, a never-ending question. It always seems to be going somewhere and yesterday is not enough for today or tomorrow.
We will be visiting websites that sell art, such as art for sale original, and Saatchi and others looking for fine art. We hope you will join us. It's a never-ending journey into the future.