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Abstract expressionism and what comes next

Abstract expressionism is a term that refers to art of late 40s and 50s which came at a time when architecture was following use rather than form, a time of modernistic square shapes and an examination of abstraction in art. It was a time when buildings look utilitarian, boxy, and devoid of decoration. The art which seem to have no form seemed to fit perfectly into the almost formless buildings. The artist of abstract expressionism displayed a macho character trait, a ruggedness of appearance that would be comfortable in blue jeans cowboy boots cutting wood for a fire. This image is that of Jackson Pollock, of course. It is been said that the abstract expressionism movement started when Peggy Guggenheim needed decoration for her villa in Venice. Certainly meeting the right person at the right time had a lot to do with it, but the art perfectly fit the times. It is been said that abstract expressionism is the expression of pure emotion because we think of emotion when we think of color. Abstract art, like all art, depends own color, line and form.It has been called the art without intent. An artist such as Gerhard Richteruses color and palette knives to create large abstract works which take the work of Pollock and Rothko to a larger scale and represent a modern approach to abstraction. Where does abstract art go from here. To the moon baby, to the moon. An artist who seeks to create abstract art fully for the interpretation of the viewer, is modern artist David Michael Jackson.Jackson's abstract art has shape, he called that shapism. He seems to create shapes in which each individual finds their own meaning. What comes next? If we can take the paint off the canvas, as it seems we have, we can put the paint back on the canvas.